How irritated do you get when someone will not answer you, will not listen or gives you the cold shoulder? We all hate a breakdown in communication, especially when we are the ones trying to get the message across. Most of us consider it rude when someone ignores us. So does your customer. Why are brands still actively involving themselves in non-communication? It can only harm the way people perceive them and, as we all know, in this world perception is absolutely everything!

When communicating with someone as a brand, the manner and tone must match the brand. Your message(s) should suit the person you are trying to reach not what suits your company and guide the person to communicating further with you. So long as a brand stays open and honest and true to its identity it will gain many followers and be appreciated enormously. Easier said than done isn’t it, just remember that the public is not stupid and knows there is a face behind each message so expects some form of human ethics and morality to shine through. Remember the beautiful rule called KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! It cannot be truer for conveying any form of message, do it simply and effectively and you will achieve better results, do not leave someone having to search for your message in a load of big words with long sentences that mean nothing but leave them feeling inadequate.

On a side note, the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) is coming into force at the end of this month with a major clamp down on direct marketers and our ability to market. I suggest going forward that you should use all available means to get an opt-in database from your existing customers. Find out how they want to be spoken to and what they want to hear about from you. Rather market to someone who wants to be marketed to than to the people who don’t. This will also give your current clients the feeling that you are always there and reliable.


About nickmarinimarketing

I am a young dynamic marketer and have a passion for my job, sports and life. I work in the Direct Marketing Industry at Computer Facilities, one of South Africa's leading Direct Marketing outsourcing bureau. I believe in this new digital age of marketing we are getting carried away and forget the basics of marketing, thus not allowing us to reach our full potential or our campaigns to reach their full potential. With a wealth of information at our fingertips we need to learn how to leverage it correctly. I aim to give my opinions and thoughts on this topic through this blog which I can hopefully update as often as possible for all of you. Otherwise feel free to contact me whenever you feel the need, be patient for my reply though please and thank you.
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